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Our lodge is blessed with a location that 
provides beautiful views of the lake and 
access to the lake.  With an eye toward 
making the most of our location, giving ALL 
our members the ability to further enjoy our lawn, and amenities for all, many changes will begin to take place this year.

Please take the time to review all the 
information here to familiarize yourself with the new initiatives, rules, amenities, events, and volunteer opportunities to become one of the “Nauti-Elks” team.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to know more about becoming a Nauti-Elk, please email:

Nauti-Elks Mission

Committee.  Their mission is to enhance the member experience by providing more
opportunity for members to enjoy the 
location we are so blessed with.

Through a number of new initiatives and 
volunteer effort, the Nauti-Elks will be 
financed in full via new initiatives and are an enhancement to the Lodge finances rather than a drain.  These new initiatives and the profits from Nauti-Elks endeavors will go to the Lodge and be specifically used toward interior/exterior improvements, lake front enhancements, and member entertainment.

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Members Only Pier Slips

The Nauti-Elks

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