About Boat Slips

The Nauti-Elks will be managing the addition of a new segment of pier 
stretching from the existing pier and going 
to the right when looking from the shore.

The "new" pier does not reduce the existing boat parking options and actually creates some additional parking. Further,  this new section of pier will include a patio 
area for members to enjoy.

The new pier creates five (5) seasonal boat slips available for rental which are only available to Elks members.

Proceeds from the rentals will finance the pier addition, maintenance, and related expenses.

Profits from rentals will be allocated toward projects displayed at the Lodge.

As there are a limited number of slips, a lottery will be held to award the slips.  You 
must request a slip to be entered into the lottery.  To make a request, complete the form below, or email e410office@gmail.com
, or phone the Elks office at 608-255-1644.

Please see Terms & Conditions to the right 
to learn more and Submit your slip request.



  • Available to members only.

  • Five slips available

  • Annual rental agreement required

  • Proof of insurance required

  • Lifts not provided available for a fee

  • Lift storage available for a fee

  • Must abide by Elks Marina rules

  • Electric service NOT provided

Terms and Conditions

  • Base fee for season is $1800.

  • No overnight stays

  • No excessive music volume at dock

  • Quiet hours enforced after 9pm

  • No garbage left on dock. Garbage must be placed in dumpster.

  • No unattended fuel cans, floats, coolers, or other items may be left on the pier accept when in use or when loading/unloading boat.

  • Slip privileges may be revoked without refund for non-compliance.

  • No music while docked above levels deemed a disturbance according to Madison ordinances.

  • Lodge is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Slip rentals are not transferable.

  • No disruptive music or parking during wedding services.

  • Anyone desiring a slip must submit a "request" by 4/29.

  • Slips are allocated by "Lottery" and announced on 4/30.

  • Those who request a slip but are not awarded one via the lottery are placed on a waiting list in the order of which their request was received.