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Joining The Madison Elks Lodge:

When you join the Madison Elks Lodge you 
become part of a growing, dynamic family 
and an institution that supports Local, State, 
and National charitable causes including 
Veterans, Children, Education and more.

As a member of the Madison Elks you enjoy 
the perks unique to our Lodge and those 
available through any Elks Lodge you might 

If you're interested in becoming a Member, 
feel free to contact us or call us at (608) 255-1644 ext. 3 to arrange a visit, or when ready print the application and bring the completed application to the Lodge.

Member Perks & Privileges:

The Elks is a private organization and you must be a Member to enjoy what we have to offer.

  • A great community of fellow members

  • Key Card access to the Madison Lodge

  • Access to all Elks Lodges across the United States

  • Pier access

  • Wisconsin Room Rental at Member Only Rates

  • Meeting facilities

  • Lakeview Dining & Bar

  • Live Music/Entertainment

  • Special Events

  • Much Much More...

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone join?
While all are welcome to apply, new Members must have at least one Sponsor who is a current Member, they must be an American citizen, believe in God, complete the application, be approved by the existing membership, uphold our rules, and pay annual dues.

How long before I'm an Elk?

The process from applying to your membership ceremony may take two to three months.  However, applicants often receive a temporary membership card allowing limited use of the Lodge while 
waiting on their official membership.


Are there minimum purchases/quotas?
No.  While we hope to see our Members enjoy the Lodge, our events, and get to know our members, there is no required food/drink purchases, or donations.

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